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I am so sorry that this took so long, anon. This was part of the original round of drabble requests from maybe a month ago now. I had a little bit of a hard time with it and I think that’s why it took so long. I’m not entirely sure by what you wanted by ‘not like dirty’ so it’s more internal dialogue and less sex. I’m sorry if it’s the latter that you wanted.

It wasn’t an extraordinary day. Not by any means. In fact the geese had woken Katniss up extra early, their honks floating through the window that Peeta kept open in the night and then her hunt was unusually unproductive. It made her grumpy all day, cranky and fairly miserable to be around. 

Peeta was out for most of the day too - another thing that tended to make her less than pleasant. He was supervising the rebuild of his family’s bakery in town, so at least he didn’t have to bear witness to her crabby attitude. Haymitch got the brunt of it - a few good yells about how his stupid geese should be made into stews, or maybe shoved down his throat when he had started laughing at her. 

By the time Peeta got home, she was stewing in her own anger. Sitting on the couch with her arms crossed and a scowl. He walked in and grinned at the sight, and she told him off for it.

Instead of getting frustrated, Peeta just sat down next to her on the couch and lifted her feet into his lap. She sighed and the tension began to lessen. In its place her heartbeat quickened and that hunger in her belly made a comeback.

She was feeling that a lot lately - that hunger she had felt on the beach. The one that started in the core of her being and spread out through every inch of her. She liked it and wanted more, wanted it to consume her like it had the previous night. So she pulled her feet out of Peeta’s lap and brought her lips to his.

When she kissed Peeta, the entire world seemed to melt away and she actually felt her age. The scars no longer wore her down but instead she was the teenager she should be - the one that didn’t have to bury her loved ones and rebuild her home and teach her fiancé how to love her again. She was just Katniss. Not the victor. Not the Mockinjay. Not the killer. Just Katniss.

And Peeta made her feel that.

That hunger had been creeping up on her more and more. At first she wasn’t sure what it meant and thought that maybe there was something wrong with her. She had only felt that on the beach, and maybe in the cave if she was being honest with herself which she often wasn’t, but she had never felt it when Peeta merely stood behind her in the kitchen, helping her knead the dough for the cheese buns he was trying to teach her to bake. She had never felt so consumed by Peeta in their bed before, by his unconscious sighs and movements.

She asked Peeta about it once, turning redfaced and hot as she explained it. He told her it was normal for her to feel that way when she was attracted to someone. She noticed the way that Peeta’s breath hitched when he said it.

That night their lips found each other again for the first time since he’s come back to District 12.

Over the last week or two she had given into that hunger many times. Kisses had turned to touches and last night she had been completely naked in front of him, one of the most nerve wracking but also most pleasurable experiences she’d ever had.

So after she pulled her feet from Peeta’s lap and kissed him, and he hovered over her on the couch for a while before moving them both to the floor, the thought ran through her that this would have happened anyway. The hunger had been building inside her since the bread, disguised as butterflies and other less conspicuous things she could ignore. Now she couldn’t ignore it - she loved Peeta.

So when he pulled away, attempting to be a gentleman or maybe let her lead their relationship, she pulled him right back in.


"I want this," she said. "Please?"

And after, when he asked her if she love him using their old game of real or not real, she already knew the answer.

And it was the easiest thing she had ever said.

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Beautifullll <3


Beautifullll <3


Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason: a Capitol Couture Exclusive

"Let’s get on with it then," the battle-ax valkyrie huffs, shifting her weight and crossing her legs impatiently. Johanna Mason is as much a stately figure as ever, her long, bespoke skirt an iridescent pool around her feet. Risen from the waters of the magnificently treacherous Quarter Quell arena, her alabaster skin and flowing blonde locks belie the deadliest of instincts.

President Snow, in his perpetually magnanimous manner, saw fit to offer his personal sitting room for our exclusive interview and we simply could not refuse.The gilded room around us reflects glints of Johanna’s ivory ensemble, snaking around her arms in a woven pattern and blooming into a flared collar. Seated next to her is a silent Peeta Mellark, his fitted snowy suit and structured lapels speaking volumes in the ethereal light of the room.

Throughout our conversation, it is heavily apparent that Johanna is the leader in this duo- she leans forward with every question in an ingrained display of bravado.

“We went through a lot in the arena, but what’s important now is that Peeta and I are representatives of Panem- Districts 7 and 12 combining our efforts for a better future.”

It’s a patriotism that is blatantly on display in the new Capitol Living Portraits series, and Johanna positively gushes about the experience.  

“I don’t even know how long I was on my feet, but those Alexander Wang shoes made me feel like a cloud on a pedestal. It was a really special day.”

The attention to detail in both Johanna’s and Peeta’s respective ensembles for the Living Portrait series is truly astounding upon closer assessment. The sculptural bodice of Ms. Mason’s dress mirrors the shape and movement of the Panem Seal, while Mellark’s paper collar piece adds to the chiseled-yet-natural theme in both outfits. It is an apt metaphor for a nation built up from the ground, raised by its people into beautifully functional, systemically beneficial government.     

“It’s really amazing to be featured in these portraits,” Johanna states. “Peeta and I come from such humble backgrounds- to be representing Panem like never before is such an honor. We are very proud to be featured as the faces of our country.”  

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Peeta Mellark: Spirit of Strength

Capitol Couture has been waiting eagerly for the next wave of incredible images of our cherished elite, and here they are! Fresh from the excitement of the most eventful Quarter Quell to date, we are thrilled and honored to present the new Capitol Citizen Living Portraits.

As our Quarter Quell victors, Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason hold the distinct honor of being the first Capitol citizens featured within a Living Portrait.  Peeta stands tall and true in his Capitol Citizen Living Portrait, his matte leather Unconditional ensemble showcasing a stone-like texture and channeling the victor’s quiet strength, completed by shirt and shoes courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela. The paper collar piece, designed by David Mason, mirrors the sculptural elements in Johanna’s dress and gives a stern ambiance to the baker’s son. With an unprecedented two victories under his belt, Peeta is no longer the boy who bravely faced the 74th Hunger Games, but a true Capitol hero.   

Citizens can witness the artist’s hand-selected series of Living Portraits in person at SOCA this summer.

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youarebeingridiculous asked: Oh my goodness, that Drabble of Soldier!Peeta coming home was perfect!

Thank you! I’m happy to hear that you liked it!

Anonymous asked: Can you write a Drabble of peeta coming back from the army and when he arrives at the airport katniss is waiting for him with a baby girl (new born) (because she was pregnant when he left) I'm so sorry to be asking like this but it's my birthday and it would mean the world if you could do it today 💞

Oh gosh, I’m such a sucker for birthdays and soldiers meeting their babies. Happy birthday, anon! This is real quick, since I’m supposed to be getting ready, but I’m going to be away most of today and wanted to get this done for your birthday. I tweaked your prompt just a tad, but I hope you still like it :)


Fifteen Months. 456 days. It’s only a little more than a year, but it has felt like nothing less than a lifetime. And, of course it has, because I missed everything.

There’s been a lot that’s gone on since I left. My best friend from childhood got married. Gale sent me pictures from the wedding and didn’t have a best man because he said he couldn’t pick someone else. Rory stood in and made the speech that needed to be said, written by me in a letter. But it wasn’t quite the same. 

My dad expanded the bakery.  He now has two locations and a third in the works. It’s been his dream since I was a kid and now he’s finally making it work. My older brother graduated from medical school. My other brother proposed to his girlfriend. My mother apparently held her tongue the entire night of their engagement party.

That’s what I missed the most.  The moments.  The things that happened while I was halfway across the world.

When I walk out into the auditorium, where they’ve bused us all from the airport so we can greet our families in relative peace, my eyes are immediately looking for her.  I wonder if I’ll recognize her.  If the grainy pictures and the constantly freezing Skype sessions are enough for me know, just by glance, what she looks like.

I find Katniss instantly and I take off as soon as I’m able.  I jump off the stage and take as few steps as I can until she’s in my arms, with tears streaming down my face. It feels so good to touch her again. I haven’t in fifteen months and that’s the longest I’ve gone from seeing her since we were fourteen years old. 

Just as I go to kiss her I feel a punch against my chest and the squirmy little being we’ve caught in our embrace. 

“Meet your daughter,” Katniss says. The exchange only takes a moment.

Katniss and I found out she was pregnant exactly one week before I left. It had been such a bittersweet moment, full of fear and longing. I worried every day about what might happen to her if I didn’t come back and spent the first few days with my head on her belly, talking to something that was barely the size of a kidney bean.  When I left, when I had to turn my back on Katniss and have her travel this journey alone, I was sick to my stomach. I cried in the plane. 

I’ve seen pictures. Katniss has Skyped me with the baby so I could see.  Unfortunately I couldn’t swing a leave to be here for the birth and then I just chugged through knowing I’d see her, knowing the day would come eventually.  And now it has.

She’s not a newborn anymore. I missed that stage completely.  She might start walking before long and she probably already babbles. I don’t know much about babies, so Katniss will have to teach me, but I want to learn. I want to spend all my time with her, with her mother – my girls.

I hear the snap behind me and look up only briefly to find the photographer from the local paper has taken our photo.  He comes over to show us the picture on the back screen and then asks for our names if we’re willing to let them use it.  He’d like to have this be the picture that goes with the story of our troop’s arrival back to the state. 

He jots it down and then shows us the working caption, to make sure everything’s right.

SPC Peeta Mellark, 23, meets his daughter Lucy for the first time at the Panem County Civic Center. Lucy was born during Mellark’s 15-month deployment in Iraq. 

I nod my head and the photographer moves on, allowing me to turn back to my wife.  Katniss has tears in her eyes. I lean over and kiss her. 

“I love you so much,” I tell her. Then I press a kiss to our daughter’s temple.  ”I love you both so much.”

“We’re just happy to have you back.”

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2014 is half over and

  • -i lost no weight
  • -didn’t learn anything
  • -haven’t made an effort to save money
  • -still ugly
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The second official portrait of Prince George released for his birthday

The second official portrait of Prince George released for his birthday

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